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Sure, you know where to get your red carpet look, but what do you wear to a high profile sporting event? Get online and check out the wears at B…for Betsy, your floor seat to the hottest customized belts, bags, and other accessories, so it doesn’t seem like you went shopping at overstock.com before the game. Betsy custom makes anything you want…ask Eva Longoria. Visit bforbetsy.com.


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Everybody from Sarah Jessica Parker to Madonna to the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy boys has told me that accessories are everything.

If that's the case, and it apparently is, then it's always good to have something that is unique. I have found that accessory: belts. Belts with a message. Belts with incredible style. Belts that force people not to look you in the eye, if you know what I mean.

They are hand-constructed with the finest leather and sprinkled with Swarovska crystals imported from Hungary. The creator of the line, Betsy Hoyt Stephens (a wife, mother of two, soccer mom, entrepreneur and designer), has come up with the line of cool, hip belts (from $200) that has impressed everybody from Madonna to Kid Rock.

One says “ME…ME…ME,” and her biggest seller has got to be “WILL WORK FOR FOOD.” Because in this town, if you are not Julia, Tom, Halle, or Justin, you are either serving food or filling your lunch box at craft services. You can also create your own, but keep in mind that “SLIM SHADY,” “SUPERMODEL,” and “MY OTHER BELT IS GUCCI,” are a bit tired at this point. I’d jump on this one fast because they are already becoming the hottest thing in town, and falling behind the trends in Tinseltown can very well force you to actually work for food. Available at Lulu Brandt, 26 South Raymond Avenue, Pasadena, 626.568.8090; www.bforbetsy.com.